Research & Development


As a quality-conscious innovative market driver we continually invest in our in-house applied research and development. Aside from system solutions, we concentrate on material research, flow simulation and measuring engineering.
Examples of our research work include the HETICO compressor that for the first time combines impeller and motor in the same casing, the magnet bearing compressor MAHECO that, among others, is used in high-speed silicon production applications.


Quality is paramount. One key focus of our R&D activities is the development of flow-optimised impellers based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).








High tech at our customers' service

  • Metrological characteristic line determination and optimisation
  • Stress calculations
  • Impeller stress and strain gauge measurements
    1. Vibrational tests (modal analysis) on impellers
    2. Casing calculations
    3. Vibration control design of base frame
  • Numerical flow simulation (CFD) to optimise our impellers and casings
  • Fluidic performance measurements
  • Sound measurements
  • Software development as project engineers' tool






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