New horizons and seeing the "bigger picture": New apprentices in 2017



On 1st September 2017, three young people started their apprenticeship at FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH. Gerrit Gutsche and Jean-Pascal Ferraro will be trained as construction mechanics, Patrick Ryborz will be apprenticed as product designer in our Engineering department.



For starters, the human resources department welcomed the apprentices, and after that, the three young men gained their first insights for their careers by getting to see the various departments of FIMA. During the works tour, the trainees received the most important information needed to successfully manage the first days at the headquarters in Oberfischach. Apprentices at FIMA benefit from the fact that they get to know the individual departments and processes at FIMA, which helps them to improve their view and understanding for the organizational structure and how the company works. The experience enables them to see the "bigger picture" and look beyond the horizons of their own departments. This is not only of great importance for the future career at FIMA, but an even more essential element of their personal growth and development in general. Our specialized instructors will help the apprentices with any questions and challenges that will occur during the apprenticeship, solve them together and support them wiith their great personal skills and experience. During the next three years, the young people will transform to specialists, who will maintain and refine the know-how of FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH.


We wish this year's apprentices every success and are looking forward to the shared exciting time which lies ahead of us!




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